pictogramme de diamant

How to clean your diamond ?

The diamond is considered the hardest natural substance on earth, but it can become vulnerable and prone to cracks when mounted on a ring. This is why you need to take extra care when cleaning your diamond. The points and sharp angles (princess-cut, marquise-cut, pear-cut, etc.) are very fragile and can be easily damaged.

To clean your stones properly, use a soft brush, soap and water. If you don’t have a special brush for cleaning diamonds, an eyebrow brush will do just as well.

Before you start, mix some mild soap with warm water in a bowl and place your jewellery and diamonds in it. Any grease or oil under the stone will dissolve in the hot water. Let the diamond soak for a few minutes then rub it with a brush. Make sure that you brush under the stone because this is where dirt and grease tends to build up. Rinse in a sieve then use a clean cloth to dry the diamonds.


equipment to clean diamonds