Diamonds are forever. Learn about the life story of these unique stones and their secrets.

map of the world

The World of Diamonds

Discover the different diamond-producing countries and the consumer countries around the world.

Learn about the specificities of each and the role they have in the diamond circulating process on the market.

rough diamond in gangue

Several specific, natural conditions are necessary to create a stone from crystallised carbon below the surface of the Earth.

Learn about the extreme conditions that diamonds undergo.

Diamond mine

Diamond Deposits and Operations

Diamond mining and operations are different depending on the deposit from which they originated.

Discover the features of kimberlite and alluvial deposits from which rough diamonds are extracted.

different size emerald cut diamonds

With a unique weight, colour and history, famous diamonds fascinate due to the features and their story.

Discover our selection of the most beautiful diamonds that have drawn attention the world over.