Diamonds come from all around the world and have different characteristics depending on the country from which they originate.

Discover the history of diamond deposits and operations continent by continent.

map of the world

Select the region of the world that interests you and browse the diamond-producing countries there :

Map of Europe


The global diamond hub is found here in Antwerp. Here rough and cut diamonds transit daily in the four largest Diamond Bourses.

Map of North America

North America

Diamond deposits are found mainly in Canada which alone accounts for almost 5% of world production.

Map of South America

South America

Brazil, is popular for gem enthusiasts and is South America’s largest diamond producer.

Map of Asia


Russia, China and India are among the largest diamond producers in the world. Discover their main deposits.

Map of Africa


Together, Africa’s diamond-producing countries mean that Africa is the world’s first diamond area representing more than 60% of the global diamond production.

Map of Oceania


Still little known on the diamond market, Australia is home to several important deposits of coloured diamonds.