pictogramme de diamant

A team of gemmologists is available to advise you

We are at your disposal to organise a presentation of diamonds, rubies, sapphires, ou emeralds in our offices. We will welcome you in a secure environment, in total confidentiality.

In order to fully understand your request, an initial meeting is necessary. Our team of gemmologists will advise you and accompany you in your search for a diamond or gemstone. We will consequently be able to present you with a wide choice of certified stones that best meet your expectations.

In addition, you will have the opportunity to examine the diamonds and gemstones in ideal conditions (suitable lighting, magnifying glass, colour comparison).


We guarantee the following :

  • The diamonds in our stocks were purchased respecting the International Agreement of the Kimberley Process. This was adopted by the European Commission in 2003 to prevent diamonds being used to finance armed conflicts.
  • All of the diamonds that we offer for sale are 100% natural. Our stones have not been subject to any treatment.
  • All of our diamonds are certified by internationally renowned laboratories which are recognised by the profession (HRD, GIA, IGI).
  • Your stone will be laser engraved on the girdle (circumference of the diamond). Thus, it will be easily identifiable in the event of theft, thanks to a 20x magnifying glass. It can also be sealed for delivery by the laboratory if you so request.
  • Annual maintenance of your piece of jewellery (checking the setting) is provided free of charge.
  • Updates of “replacement values” for diamonds and pieces of jewellery purchased from us are free of charge.
  • As for our know-how, we guarantee 20 years’ experience with a well-established network in the profession, powerful and adaptable suppliers and serious sub-contractors who work in the same spirit as us, to satisfy the client. We love our job and sharing it with you.


presentation of 4 different shaped white diamonds