Diamond certificate

To appreciate the quality of a diamond without being a professional you need certain information that can be found on the certificate. It goes without saying that a certificate has value only if the profession recognises it. HRD (Diamond High Council – Hoge Raadvoor Diamond), GIA (Gemological Institute of America), and IGI (International Gemological Institute) certificates have an excellent reputation in France and Europe. The EGL laboratory handles the largest number of diamonds in the world in terms of volume but is not as strict as the others.


certificate and laser-engraving of a diamond


logo of laboratories GIA HRD IGI


The advantage of these laboratories is that they provide closed certificates (sealed stones) :


GIA sealed diamonds


Laser engraving of the diamond

Laser engraving of your diamond is a guarantee. It allows you to identify your stone in the event of repairs or loss. You can choose to engrave your diamond’s certificate number or a personal message. Check with your insurance company. With this additional security, you should be able to obtain a discount. Engraving is located on the girdle (circumference) of the diamond and is visible using magnifying glass that enlarges 20 times :


laser-engraving of the diamond


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