Whether you are looking to purchase or sell a diamond, or simply have one appraised, you will find all the necessary information in this section along with advice from our experts to guide you in the process.

staging of brilliant cut white diamond

Buying a Diamond

Each diamond is unique and all have different characteristics. It is necessary to identify the characteristics and also to assess them in order to quantify them and make the best investment.

Learn the necessary steps to buying and selling a diamond.

Inspection of a diamond with magnifying glass

Our Services

As expert gemmologists and diamond merchants, we are available to appraise your diamonds and to offer you those that we take care to certify and laser-engrave for greater security.

Learn about the services we offer.

white diamonds brilliant cut, leveridge and magnifying glass

Diamonds and Their Characteristics

From rough to polished, discover the necessary stages and characteristics that differentiate diamonds. All of the information you need to choose a quality diamond is presented.

octahedral rough diamonds

The Diamond Universe

Delve into the world of diamonds and learn all you need to know about these magnificent, rare stones. From the deposits to the most famous diamonds, trace their history from the mine to the jewellery case.