Before proceeding with the purchase of a stone, you need to be sure of its quality and its certification through a world-recognised, independent laboratory.

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Buying a diamond must be a wise and well-considered decision. For this to be the case, it is necessary to know the characteristics of this gemstone and compare several diamonds in order to identify the one that best meets your expectations.

Our team is at your disposal for a presentation of stones corresponding to your requirements and your budget.

HRD certificate and sealed diamond

Diamond Purchase Security

Before buying your diamond, make sure it is certified through one of the three large, world-renowned laboratories : GIA, HRD and IGI, and that the number of the certificate is laser-engraved in order to identify it easily.

All of our diamonds meet these criteria and respect the Kimberley Process International Agreement.

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At the time of acquisition, you should know and understand the main characteristics of diamonds in order to find the best possible combination and be aware of the pitfalls to avoid.

We are happy to welcome you in our offices to help you to find the diamond that suits you among our most beautiful stones.

octahedral shape, rough diamonds

Purchase and Sale of Rough Diamonds

Rough diamonds have different shapes. The most sought after is the octahedron, which can be sawn to obtain two round diamonds once cut.

To purchase rough diamonds from Africa with the accompanying official documents, do not hesitate to come and meet us in our Antwerp office which is has a direct connection with the Diamond Bourse.