Our ethics in terms of purchase and sale of rough diamonds

We buy rough diamonds for jewellery. The diamonds may come from Africa, Canada, Russia or Australia. The proposed stones should be purchased in accordance with the Kimberley Process international agreement.This programme launched in 2000, to tackle “the mines of shame” that funded guerrillas in Angola, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Sierra Leone.


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octahedral rough diamond


Diamond gems sare found in riverbeds or by digging deep into the Earth. They appear in nature in different forms.


They are classified as follows :

  • Sawable stones : These are the most sought after; they are octahedral and look like two inverted pyramids. When you stumble across a stone like this in the heart of the African bush, you understand that you are in the presence of something that is beyond you, such is its purity and whiteness: eternity is a fingertip away. A stone like this will be cut to produce two cut stones. The more balanced the rough diamond’s proportions, the more it will shine once cut.
  • Makeable” stones : relatively flat, these diamonds are likely to be cut into oval, pear, marquise or triangle shapes.


shapes of diamond makeable gems : oval, pear, marquise, trillion

  • Spotted” stones : these are also well-formed single crystals, but they are not pure as they contain either black or white spots that can sometimes be eliminated during cutting after a careful analysis.
  • Coated” stones : these are speculation stones as they are covered with a kind of coating. Our cutter will need to open a “window” in order to see inside the stone. This kind is very frequent in the Republic of Central Africa and the Congo.


The presentation of rough diamonds will take place in our office in Antwerp, which is located in the Diamond Bourse building, providing optimal security to the seller. You will be asked to show your passport to the security guard to enter the building. Payment is immediate.


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