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The history of engagement rings

The story of the engagement ring dates back to ancient Egyptian times. The ring was already being worn on the left ring finger because people believed there was a vein running directly from the finger to the heart. Wearing a ring on this finger means that our heart belongs to the person that gave it to us. In those days rings were made of steel or metal which symbolised strength and endurance.

This tradition has continued to the present day, with the only difference being that metal and steel have been replaced with the diamond. The diamond is actually the most solid precious stone in the world, so it is no coincidence that engagement rings are mounted with diamonds.

A diamond mounted on an engagement ring takes on a whole new dimension. This ring, which is offered when a proposal is made, symbolises a beautiful marriage that is everlasting, just like the diamond.

Nonetheless, people can have very different tastes and this is why some engagement rings have precious stones like rubies, sapphires and emeralds. The sapphire is the most popular gemstone for engagement rings after the diamond because it evokes sincerity and happiness. Next in popularity is the ruby, with its intense red colour which alludes to love, followed by the emerald which suggests fertility and hope.

Thanks to the bespoke jewellery design services offered by diamond merchants and jewellers, an engaged couple can envisage their own design and have their ring tailor-made. The current trend is for the one giving the ring to visit a diamond merchant where he can choose the perfect stone from a range of options and have it mounted onto a ring for his sweetheart.


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