The ruby : a very coveted gemstone

Rubies, like sapphires, are part of the corundum family.

The finest specimens come from Mogok in Burma. The most sought after colour is “blood-red”.
CThis gem is greatly prized by jewellers to enhance a broach, ring, necklace, bracelet or earrings.
The clarity ranges from VVS (rare and considerably more expensive than a white diamond if over 4 carats) to opaque.

lovely rubyColour : deep pink, through to bright red, purple and even purplish brown.

Very hard : 9 out of 10.

Horoscope : JULY birthstone. Symbol of physical and spiritual strength.

Lithotherapy : Helps fight the following symptoms and pains : bronchitis, poor circulation, exhaustion, fatigue, anger, jealousy, seasickness, childhood diseases, viral diseases, rickets, colds, blood diseases, spasms, syncope, shyness, protection of the immune system.

Characteristics :

Cuts :

ruby cuts : round, oval, almond, cushion

Crystal system : Rhombohedral

Specific Weight : 4.00

Refractive index : 1.76 – 1.77

Group : Corundum

Composition : Aluminium oxide

Hardness : 9

Birefringence : 0.008

Pleochroism : Strong (red, orange, carmine)

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