The sapphire : a corundum with a greatly appreciated colour

Sapphires are renowned for their superb deep blue colour. Yes, this corundum exists in a multitude of other colours except for red. In this case, they are rubies. This rare gem is extensively sought after as the demand in the jewellery sector is very high (particularly for engagement rings). The finest specimens come from Kashmir in India, but also from Ceylon, Pakistan, Cambodia, Thailand, Australia and Africa.

sumptuous sapphire

Very hard : 9 out of 10.

Colours : crystal blue to night blue but also yellow, green, pink-orange (very popular, also called “Padparadscha”), pink, white, orange, purple, black…but not red.

Horoscope : SEPTEMBER birthstone.

Lithotherapy : Helps fight the following symptoms and pains: osteoarthritis, joint pain, stuttering, hair loss, back pain, boils, gout, inflammation, insomnia, lumbago, headaches, neurosis, ear infections, dandruff, pharyngitis, pneumonia, nose bleeds, sciatica, sweating, dizziness, zona.

Characteristics :

Cuts :

sapphire cuts : round, oval, almond

Crystal system : Rhombohedral

Specific Weight : 4.00

Refractive index : 1.76-1.77

Group: Corundum

Composition : Aluminium oxide

Hardness : 9

Birefringence : 0.008

Pleochroism : Depends on colour

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