Emerald : a stone with the colour of hope

Emeralds are one of the most sought after gemstones due to their scarcity, beauty and characteristic green colour.
They belong to the beryl family. The finest specimens generally come from Columbia and from the Muzo mine more specifically. Other mines located in Brazil or the Russian Urals also produce fine quality stones. They frequently contain natural “mossy” inclusions that do not affect their clarity if they are low in number. This gem is highly-prized by jewellers.

splendid emeraldHardness : 7.5 to 8 out of 10. Colour : vert clair cristallin à vert foncé.

Horoscope : MAY birthstone. Symbol of hope, vitality and fertility.

Lithotherapy : powerful stimulator for physical and intellectual development. A calm stone that brings inner peace and harmony between physical, intellectual and emotional planes. Beneficial to improve eyesight and memory.

Characteristics :

Cuts :

emerald cuts : round, oval, marquise, cushion, emerald

Crystal system : Hexagonal

Specific Weight : 2.71

Refractive index : 1.56 – 1.60

Group : Beryl

Composition : Aluminium silicate

Hardness : 8

Birefringence : 0.004 to 0.010

Pleochroism : Depends on colour

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