pictogramme de diamant

The diamond solitaire : A promise of love !

Since ancient times, people have believed that a promise of love can be sealed with a diamond solitaire.
In ancient Rome, the ring was already a symbol of marriage. Even if it was a simple iron circle rather than a diamond solitaire, it also stood for the loving couple’s desire to get engaged.

Over time it became more and more common to use a ring to seal an engagement, and in the fifteenth century the diamond solitaire began to stake its claim as the symbol of engagement and enduring love.
The custom of wearing the ring on the left ring finger most likely stems from a romantic legend. In ancient Greece, people believed that the vein of love ran from the left ring finger straight to the heart. By putting this vein in contact with a diamond solitaire, eternal love would be guaranteed.


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Diamond solitaire with domed band - BS06