pictogramme de diamant

Tips for identifying a real diamond

Here is a very simple test to determine whether the stone in question is a diamond or a cubic zirconia.

test to distinguish a real diamond from a fake

First, take a sheet of paper and mark a spot on it with a pen.

Then place the stone on the paper. Position the table of the diamond facing downwards, centred on the spot.

test to distinguish a real diamond from a zircon

In the cubic zirconia, when you centre the stone on the spot the circular reflection of the spot will appear easily through the pavilion whereas, in a diamond, the reflection is dislocated to the point that it is almost undetectable. The stone on the left is a cubic zirconia, while the stone on the right is a diamond.


Other tests :


  • Know the weight

With precision scales, you can distinguish a diamond from a cubic zirconia. A cubic zirconia weighs 1.7 times more than a diamond of the same diameter. A one carat diamond weighs 0.20 grams and has a diameter of 6.4 mm. Meanwhile, a 6.4 mm diameter cubic zirconia weighs 1.70 ct.


  • Scratches / scrapes

Unlike cubic zirconia, diamonds are particularly hard and unalterable over time. By using a magnifying glass, it is possible to have a good overview of the facets of a diamond and the surface of the stone.

You will never see lots of scratches and scrapes on a diamond and the edges between facets will be very sharp and pointed.

distinguish a diamond from a zircon thanks to the sharpness of facets or scratches

It is easier to see scratches in a cubic zirconia and the edges of the facets are always more rounded than those of a diamond.

scratches and scrapes of a zircon

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