The different diamond shapes

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Below are the main diamond shapes and their main features :

round diamond

Round Diamond

The round diamond or “round brilliant cut” has 57 facets. It is the most common and most popular cut on the diamond market, but also the most elaborate. Some consider it to be the perfect diamond with regards to its proportions, symmetry and polishing that maximise its brightness and therefore, its sparkle.

princess diamond

Princess Diamond

The “princess cut” is also very popular with its pretty square shape. The brightness is as impressive as a round diamond, which is why it is often used for engagement rings. Nevertheless, the four corners are fragile and cause concern for gem-setters.

emerald diamond

Emerald Diamond

The “emerald cut”, is very elegant, less common and cut in rectangular stages composed of 57 facets. The large table resulting from the emerald cut reveals the transparent beauty of the diamond.

Worth knowing : For “emerald cut” diamonds, it is important to choose stones with fairly high purity. As “emerald” cuts have fewer facets and a large table, impurities are therefore more visible. It is necessary to start with a stone with at least VS clarity.

pear diamond

Pear Diamond

The “pear cut” is a flattering shape with 57 facets. It is a very popular cut inspired by both the “brilliant round” and “marquise” cuts. It is often used as the main stone on a ring due to its long graceful shape that makes the finger appear slimmer. The “pear cut” is also frequently mounted as a pendant. It lies, like a “drop” in the slight hollow of the person’s neck.

oval diamond

Oval Diamond

The “oval cut” is a modified round diamond, consisting of 55 facets. Consequently, if it is very well cut, it can reach a high level of brightness. The oval diamond is a combination of the “round” and “marquise” cuts.

radiant diamond

Radiant Diamond

The “radiant cut” is a rectangular-shaped diamond, with cut corners and made up of 70 facets. The proportions and facets of the “radiant cut” highlight this diamond and intensify its sparkle.

asscher diamond

Asscher Diamond

The “asscher cut” is an octagonal-shaped diamond with 74 facets. It is similar in size to the emerald cut but is square. Due to its proportions, the “asscher cut” diamond reflects the light better and is, therefore, brighter than the emerald cut.

cushion diamond

Cushion Diamond

The “cushion cut” is a very popular and fashionable diamond. It has a square or rectangular shape with rounded corners and large facets that improve the brightness of the stone.

Worth knowing : For coloured diamonds, the “cushion cut” is the ideal shape because the intensity of the colour spreads throughout the stone.

heart diamond

Heart Diamond

The “heart cut” is the quintessential romantic cut. The heart diamond is a modified version of the classic round diamond. It has 59 facets.

Worth knowing : The proportions of a heart shaped diamond can vary from one stone to another..

marquise diamond

Marquise diamond

The “marquise” or “navette” cut has a long oval shape with tapered ends and is composed of 55 facets. It has a high level of brightness and reflection of light. The marquise gives a sense of grandeur due to its double pointed ends. This cut is said to have appeared under Louis XV who wanted a diamond evoking the smile of the Marquise de Pompadour.