A cut diamond meets four criteria known as the 4 Cs which together determine its market value. Learn what determines the Weight (carat), Clarity, Colour and Cut quality that give the unique properties.

white diamonds weighed on scales

Diamond Weight

The weight of a diamond is measured in Carat, a carat being equivalent to 0.20 grammes. The price of a diamond changes exponentially with its weight and is determined by thresholds.

observation of a princess diamond with magnifying glass

Diamond Clarity

Diamond Clarity is subject to strict international standards and is determined by the number and position of inclusions in the stone.

observation of the colour of a diamond using a standard

Diamond Colour

Diamond Colour is a criterion that greatly affects the market value of the stone. The closer the colour to D, the rarer the diamond, which is then increasingly sought after.

cutting and polishing of pear cut diamond

Diamond Cutting

Diamond Cut refers to the proportions, polish and symmetry. Current cutting criteria are demanding. This is why the price of diamonds with an excellent cut is higher.